Figueredo vs Moreno IV is in the works for July

Written by Noah Gagnon

It’s being reported that Deiveson Figueiredo vs Brandon Moreno 4 is in the works for July and I am 100% for it. Not only is this just a fight that 100% has to be made, but I actually think it has real significance for the future of MMA as well.

First off, 2/3 fights have been insane. Why would we not wanna see the fourth? That would be like taking Addison Re on 3 dates and being like “you know what, I think I’m good. No need for another.” Nobody in their right mind is making that call. Sidenote: If she’s looking for someone to go on three dates with (or marriage) she can add my snap noahgagnon02.

Also, that last fight was raazzzzooorrrr thin. You could’ve easily given it to Moreno, so there’s more than enough doubt to run it back. Plus, it’s technically 1-1-1 since the first fight was a draw after Figgy lost points, so someones gotta have the upper hand, right?

But bigger picture-wise, I love the fact that these guys are gonna fight 4 times. I say it half-jokingly sometimes, but I’m seriously all for having series in MMA. There are so many instances where two guys or girls are just head and shoulders above the rest of the division, so why not pencil them in for a best of 5 as long as there are no other challengers? You’re telling me you wouldn’t sign up for a best of 5 between Volk and Holloway? Would you rather see Izzy destroy Cannonier or just bang out a 5 fight series vs Whittaker.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a ton of logistical holes in this plan. But I’m just saying it should be considered in specific situations. Who knows, maybe these guys end up taking it to game 7. Or maybe the Russian Aksarov just smashes them both. Either way, I’m jacked for July.

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