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Fight in the Dawg Pound! Browns and Ravens Fans Brawl in the Stands During Game (Video) #DawgPound #RavensFlock

Written by Nate

This Sunday in Cleveland, the Browns and the Baltimore Ravens fought in a tight divisional matchup out on the field. However, there was also another fight that occurred—in the stands.

In the clip by Barstool Sports on Twitter, there were several fans (most of them Browns fans) that were going at it with each other over in the Dawg Pound, with a couple trying to break it up.

You can see in the video that one fan in the grey shirt get tossed around between seats as one Ravens fan was about to get separated.

Rivalries have a tendency to stir shit up either on the field or upon in the stands, and this is another great example of such scuffles.

It’s not as great as the one with their other rivals in the Pittsburgh Steelers or Cincinnati Bengals, but it is good for lols all around just to see drunk fans fight.

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