FIFA is Rigged After Being Caught with World Cup Qualifying Mayhem

FIFA is rigged. We all know it. Naturally with the new format for the UEFA region qualifying, of course we get some crap involved with that. 

What I’m talking about is Italy and Portugal being drawn in the same bracket.

In case you didn’t know, the new format includes all the 2nd place teams within the groups for world cup qualifying along with 2 of the top finishers in the UEFA Nations League that didn’t qualify be put in 3 four team brackets, with the winner of each bracket going to the World Cup.

The top two teams that were in this scenario were clearly Italy and Portugal and just because FIFA loves to rig everything for corruption and money it “just so happens” that the two countries were paired in the same bracket…

Now we have the 2021 European Champions or Christiano Ronaldo not in the World Cup. What is this man!

We all know FIFA did this for the fact that they can get so much viewership for the hypothetical Portugal vs Italy game, but wouldn’t you rather see these two teams in the World Cup itself. If anything, rig it the other way!

I am so tired of FIFA, if you think the NFL is a joke, look again. Embrace the nonsense that we call FIFA.

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