FIFA 21 was released on October 6 and it has already become one of the most popular parts of the franchise. It is available on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo. At the same time, enhanced versions will be available for future consoles.

Let’s start with the main thing – it’s all the same FIFA 20. If you play one match a month, you are unlikely to notice the difference. But for keen gamers, there are some interesting novelties.

  • Career mode has been made deeper;
  • Volta is still funny – it was just made a little more;
  • The game was made even more beautiful and presentable: added tons of cosmetics and customization;
  • The main novelty is that a cooperative has been added to the main online modes.

Football hasn’t changed much

If you do not know in advance about changes in gameplay, the difference between FIFA 20 and FIFA 21 will not feel too big.

Agile Dribbling – clamp the button and the ball sticks at the player’s feet. You can quickly swing rivals and it is interesting to feint. All the players in the game can do it, but only those who have high dribbling rates will be able to do so at the cosmic level. The rest are likely to lose the ball.

Non-standard runs (Creative Runs) – you can now control the player without the ball, accurately direct it for the run. The idea is not new: this was already the case in FIFA 2002, something similar is in the last parts of PES.

Position Awareness – Now AI-controlled players are better at choosing positions when playing defense and attack. Playmakers look for free zones in front of the penalty area, forwards follow the offside line, defenders block strikes.

Developers write that this should give an additional bonus from the use of the best players – they have a higher skill of choice of position, this is an advantage.

Natural Collision System – now players do not crash into each other but try to get away from unnecessary contact.

For a few hours of play against AI, new runs and dribbling were not particularly necessary: computer opponents so calmly give to score and create chances. Although clever dribbling, sharpened on one button, really made the game for technical players a little more interesting. Plus, it seems the deft dribbling will solve online.

The gameplay problem is obviously not the first year – it practically does not change and does not offer anything fundamentally new. 

It seems that EA Sports really has a crisis of ideas of development specifically happening on the field – new chips do not make the game more interesting or closer to reality. So EA worked out some modes and added new game options with friends.

What remains unchanged is that FIFA is once again a part of esports. Pro gamers will once again try their best to defeat opponents and earn prizes. In this regard, a lot of people prefer FIFA over PES. As this discipline has evolved now people search for best FIFA esports betting tips from experts more frequently. These tips are also readily available on various websites nowadays.

Career mode: FIFA is closer to the manager

The fact that the career mode is working closely, EA showed in the last part: returned press conferences, communication with players (which affects morale), and more. 

First, the transfers have been finalized. Now you can take a player on loan with the right of the buyout clause – now this version of deals is wildly popular in real football. Opponents also think – for example, they try to exchange players and do not release the best players, free agents. For transfers, FIFA 21 gets a small plus.

It was asked to enter the game right during the simulation of the match. EA Sports heard that now if your team trails on the 20th minute 0:3 during the simulation, you can step in and fix the situation. Either rule tactics through the coaching interface, or enter the match in person and score five.

At the same time, you can always go back into simulation mode – if everything is clear and do not want to personally finish the match. It is very convenient on the one hand, on the other hand – the career mode has become closer to some Football Manager, only with the ability to fix everything with your hands in a couple of minutes. 

Plus now you need to get a lot of time overtraining: you can move the players to a new position, look for them a new role on the field, or slow down aging – all with the help of individual training with the player. And then there was the opportunity to make a training schedule.

As a result, the career regime turns out to be quite interesting, but over-complicated. You need to make a schedule, train players, monitor their condition, participate in press conferences, etc.

Fans of football managers can appreciate the range of opportunities, but for someone such a volume of action just to make the Leeds champion, can become a barrier. Or just the process itself quickly gets boring.

FUT: Now you can play with your friends and build a stadium

Ultimate Team is the most popular and most profitable FIFA mode. Why is there a need for change that works so well? You can just remove a couple of unpleasant rudiments and make the mode bigger and more diverse – so the developers approached the entire FIFA 21, and FUT is no exception.

The fatigue of the players after the matches (now there are no physical fitness items), the coaching staff and training items were removed. EA has made the mode easier by removing annoying things.

The time freed up from working with the team can be spent on the stadium. There is a new kind of personalization – now in the packs fall more and items of decoration of your arena. You can change the shouts, the color of the seats, and the banners of fans. 

The main innovation is that there was a full-fledged cooperative and the opportunity to play in the Ultimate Team with your players. To do this, new versions of the game were introduced: Squad Battles and Division Rivals. Now you can easily connect a friend to your Ultimate Team and together you will carry the same guys who like to play in pairs. And you get rewards together, too.

The genre diversity does not end there – there was a mode of team events. They promise that there will be always new teams in which the whole community is divided into two teams (e.g. Haaland vs. Felix’s team, Liverpool vs Borussia Dortmund, EPL vs La Liga, or Old vs. Young). If your side wins, they will give prizes.

Volta – still interesting

Volta mode was the most positive moment of the last part of the game. 

When creating Volta for FIFA 21 developers went down the path of the perfect sequel: left what works well and added a ton of new content. There are new stars (you can get into the team even boxer Anthony Joshua), a million types of clothing, and 5 new arenas: Sao Paulo, Milan, Paris, Sydney, Dubai – locations differ in the feel and principles of the game.

In the previous part, there was a great mode of history: interesting, but with a drawn-out plot and ridiculous cutscenes. In FIFA 21 history was removed – left only the “Debut” mode.

Not a particularly bright plot quickly drives the player through the new arenas, introduces interesting opponents, and throws the first bonuses to the team. It’s perfect: you go for an hour and a half, get involved and go try other options. For example, the cooperative mode and events Volta – new formats a little closer street football to the Ultimate Team.


The new FIFA 21 is rich and interesting. There are licenses, stadiums, TV design, and a million modes (they really can get lost) – all this PES 2021 just does not have. EA Sports has heard some community wishes and has given even more in some places than requested (for example, in a career). The trend of the new part is as simple as possible.