Police officers around the city of Philadelphia had a rough night attempting to restore order after their hometown Eagles won the NFC Championship over the San Francisco 49ers, but there was one notable incident that left one Eagles fan in bruises.

Via a post by Total Pro Sports and a video by Jack Posobiec, there were a fan that got into a scuffle with several officers in the streets during the celebration.

Just a second later, a female joins into the fight, and eventually got thrown to the concrete pavement by one officer.

Despite being visibly in pain, it is assumed that the female fan sought some medical attention after landing on the pavement as hard as she did.

Although Eagles fans have a right to celebrate their team advancing to Super Bowl LVII, it is not okay to get into fights with police or getting thrown around.

Just a concise rule of thumb for you all young fans out there.

**Headline Photo Courtesy: Total Pro Sports**


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