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FBI questions Brett Favre on corruption scandal

Written by Tony Ghaul

Former NFL great Brett Favre’s role in a widespread investigation into corruption in Mississippi has led to questioning by the FBI.

In 2017 and 2018, Favre received payments totaling $1.1M from the state earmarked for “motivational speeches” which the quarterback never made, with the money being pulled directly out of welfare funds intended for needy families.

Favre’s lawyer, Bud Holmes, claims that his client had no idea the money was coming out of a welfare fund, and denied any wrongdoing on Favre’s part. Favre has paid back the initial payments, however state auditors are now demanding $228,000 in interest, which the state has yet to receive.

Favre’s involvement in the welfare fraud may not end with repaying the speaking money given to him five years ago. There are questions surrounding the Florida-based company “Prevacus Inc.”, which was developing a drug claimed to reverse the effects of concussions and mild traumatic brain injuries. Favre has been a long-time backer of the company, and reportedly worked as a go-between between Prevacus, former governor Bryant, and Nancy New.

Brett Favre earned nearly $140 million as a star NFL quarterback over two decades and millions more in product endorsements.

Favre hasn’t been accused of a crime or charged, but this is not a good look for the former NFL great.

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