Fatt Patricia Hired Back By Butt Buddy Bill Belichick

Written by TrevStone

It’s clear to me that the Patriots dynasty might be coming to an end. As Tom Brady enters into playing in the NFC championship game this weekend his former head coach Bill Belichick has decided to hire Matt Patricia back to his staff.

Patricia was the defensive coordinator for the Patriots from 2012 until becoming the Lions head coach after the 2017 season. He was fired last November after going 13-29-1 in Detroit.

Ahahah! I might have been the biggest Patricia supporter when he was hired by the Lions, but I was wrong, this guy is a laughing stock. It makes sense that he’s back to being Bill Belichick’s butt buddy. It’s the only job offer he had and would have gotten.

I can’t stop laughing.

Going with him is Evan Rothstein who has played a role in Detroit for a long time! Rothstein was an assistant to the head coach and worked in analytics with the Lions. He took on the defensive coordinator role for a week when Detroit broke protocols and left the Lions short on coaches. I was hoping Rothstein would end up back in Detroit because he seems to have a different look at the game. But oh well.

Back to Patricia – will he ever get another opportunity with a different franchise? Or will he be bitching out Patriot players like he was Lions players? Or is that was Belichick does? Who knows. All I know is I’m glad I won’t be looking at Patricia on the sidelines in Detroit this year. Who’d ever want to rehire this clown?

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