Fast and Foolish: Canadian Teen Caught Driving Reported 191 miles per hour.

Written by Mike Rickard II

It’s been long known that some people have the need for speed. Fans of Sammy Hagar’s speeding anthem “I Can’t Drive 55” will likely recall the rocker’s inability to drive at the traditional U.S. highway speed limit. Up further north, a Canadian teenager decided to show people how things are done, driving his father’s car at a speed normally reserved for starship pilots preparing for the jump to light speed.

Fast, furious, but thankfully not fatal

According to a report by Canada’s CTV News:

“This is the fastest speed that I’ve ever heard of,” OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt said in a video posted to Twitter Sunday morning.

Schmidt said that the 19-year-old driver was in his father’s car at the time of the incident with another 19-year-old passenger alongside him.

“Unbelievable speeds, we’re talking 191 miles an hour, we’re talking 85 metres a second, 280 feet per second,” Schmidt said, questioning how a driver could properly react to potential obstacles on the highway at those speeds.

Kerry Schmidt, a representative from the Ontario Provincial Police aka OPP (not to be confused with Naughty by Nature’s vintage 90s song “O.P.P.”) issued a video statement on Twitter:

Who remembers the classic song “O.P.P.” by Naughty by Nature?

According to CTV’s report, Sgt. Schmidt noted the teenager was “charged with stunt driving under the Highway Traffic Act as well as a criminal charge of dangerous driving.”

The driver’s licence has also been suspended for seven days and the vehicle has been impounded for the same amount of time.

“This is absolutely egregious for anyone to be going those kinds of speeds,” Schmidt said. “The speed limit is 100, there’s areas where it’s 110. When you’re going triple the speed limit, I don’t even know where to begin with that.”

Keep in mind the law enforcement officer is referring to 110 kilometers per mile since Canada uses that pesky metric system.

My sources at the O.P.P. are telling me the young man will get his license back sometime around 2034.

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