Fantasy Football: Stock Rise & Fall

Written by Durr

We have hit the middle of the Fantasy Football Season which means, it’s time to disregard draft picks. Who cares if you picked someone 10, 15, 18 or whatever. It’s all about how they are doing now, and what their season looks like moving forward.

First thing is, the biggest bust of the year. Allen Robinson. Drop him now. No need for him at this point. It’s really sad honestly. This has nothing to do with the blog really, but the guy wins extreme bust. He’s played every game and there are people who have higher ranks than him who have missed games due to injury. I love Robinson as a talent, though his situation is killing him in fantasy.

Anyway this article is about whose stock is starting to trend up, after not having the best start and vice versa. I’m here to help. Let’s do it.

Rising: Cole Beasley

If this is full-ppr then slam this, but at half-ppr as well, Beasley is starting to shape up as a consistent target for Allen again. One thing I really like is that the Bills have a pretty easy schedule when it comes to facing secondaries. With those weaker teams, they focus on the stars more, like Diggs for example, thus creating more opportunities for Beasley to shine. I think he will become at least a consistent flex play.

Falling: Emmanuel Sanders

Same team, different drill, with Beasley rising I see Sanders falling off a bit. Diggs is going to be more involved and Beasley is more of a checkdown receiver, I would not be surprised if we saw Beasley outperform Sanders in the 2nd half. Quite Frankly, I am expecting that.

Rising: Carson Wentz

I mean it’s kind of shocking this man is not rostered in many leagues. He at the moment is the 11th best QB and really going up. Besides his one game at the Titans his lowest score was 17. He is a reliable Fantasy QB that should be rostered immediately considering he is in the AFC South!!

Falling: Kirk Cousins

After a hot Fantasy Start Kirk has started to slow down a bit. Yes, he is the 12th ranked QB, but with the daunting defenses in the NFC North, and a healing Dalvin Cook. More touches will be in for the RB. 

Rising: Darrell Henderson

It’s time to accept the fact that he is a good fantasy RB. The man gets almost all the RB touches, he gets receptions and touchdowns. For the rest of the year he will be a low RB1 and as much as people hate it. Deal with it. It’s how the offense rolls in LA. They use the RB… a lot.

Falling: Aaron Jones

Yes, he will be having his fair share of big games, but honestly look at the amount of touches AJ Dillon has been getting as of late. This should worry Jones’ owners a little bit, especially when they get into the redzone.  Jones will still be a RB, but not the high-end one people were expecting. He is currently ranked 4th for RB’s so maybe give him a trade for some value. 

These are just my thoughts, take them as you wish. I am trying to help. Good luck to all!

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