Fantasy Football Semi-Finals Waiver Wire Watch

Written by Durr

You survived the chaos in the first round. Now it’s time to re-fuel for the semi final round of the playoffs. you never know what may happen with any player for the remaining games.

The first add is Ronald Jones.

He is in line to take almost all the snaps for Tampa Bay and when he has played lately, he has been very effective. Also he will have motivation to try and keep the starting job if he performs well.

Get him now! I know it will be tough, but if you are on auction waivers, you may want to use almost your full budget.

Next, get Gabriel Davis:

With Beasley out due to COVID and Sanders being injured, Davis is in line for another big performance. This is a must-win game for the Bills against the Patriots in order to try and win the AFC East, so he will have to step up.

Confidence is there. Production is there. Go get him, especially if you need Wide Receiver help.

My final suggestion is Seahawks Defense. This Defense has not been amazing, but they have two beneficial matchups the coming weeks with the Bears and Lions.

Both teams are prone to turnovers and not many points. They should be a solid start for your semi finals, and hopeful finals.

Good luck to all. Survive the COVID spread. Wishing you all the best!

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