AFC East was once a division where a dynasty was born. Yes, i’m talking about the New England patriots. February 3, 2002 was when this great franchise was born. When the Patriots defeated the Greatest Show on turf to win the franchise’s first super bowl. The patriots dominated this division from that day forward, until the surprising departure of the G.O.A.T Tom Brady. In recent years the Josh Allen led Buffalo BIlls has led this division but this year In all honesty this division is up for grabs! Yes, the Josh Allen led BIlls have been the lead dogs, but with the MILF hunter Zach Wilson led Jets, the Mac daddy Jones led patriot and the Tua led Dolphins anything is possible.

Lets take a look at the New England Patriots first. 2021 was a pretty decent year for the Patriots. First signed Hunter Henry and Jonnu Smith.. They turned around and drafted Mac Daddy Jones out of Alabama. As a surprise to most they made the playoffs but lost in the Wildcard round to the Buffalo BIlls. The fantasy value for this offense is is top 25. Mac Jones comes in at the #24 ranked QB, Damien Harris comes in at the #23 ranked running back, Jakobi Meyers is the top ranked receiver on this team and he is at 52. At least Hunter Henry is ranked as a 14th best tight end, What seems like the only bright spot for this team is the 7th ranked defense. In my opinion Mac Jones is the 2nd best QB in the division , Harris is the 3rd best RBin the division , Jakobi Meyers is the 7th best WR in the division , and Hunter Henry is the #1 TE option in the division.

Next, lets look at the Miami Dolphins fantasy value. The Dolphins made some very good moves this off season , but they did make a terrible decision this off season in firing Brian Flores. The better moves they made was signing Sony Michel, chase Edmunds, Raheem Mostert, and trading for Tyreek Hill. Tua is ranked 11th amongst fantasy Qb’s (to high!). The running back by committee approach doesn’t show hardly any fantasy value. Fortunately for the Dolphins their receiving core produces 2 top 20 receivers in Hill and Waddle. MIke Geisiki fantasy value took a big hit this year in regards to the Dolphins looking like they are going to use him as mainly a run blocking Tight End, but with that being said he still ranks as a top 12 TE. The Miami defense does rank 11th amongst best fantasy defenses. In my opinion Tua ranks 3rd in the division as best QB , Edmunds as the best running back in this division , Hill and Waddle both rank #2 and #3 as best WR’s in the division, Geiski Is the 4Th TE option , and the defense is 3rd best in the division

THE Butt Fumble, the one play in which this franchise has been known as since Mark Sanchez, The up and coming Jets fans will remember this team as the MILF hunters team. If you have not heard Zach WIlson starting QB for the Jets, reportedly slept with one of his moms best friends. This raises his fantasy value in itself but lets look at the stats. Experts project Zach WIlson as the 23rd QB in fantasy, they also have Breece Hall a the starting RB and hes ranked the 21st overall RB in fantasy. Elijah Moore is ranked as the 29th receiver in fantasy which i personally think is to low. CJ uzomah is ranked in some experts pols the 22nd ranked TE . Even with the addition of some key rookie defenders that Jets have a 27th rank fantasy defense. My opinion Zach Wilson is the 4th best QB in this division, Breece Hall is the 4th best RB just because he hasn’t proven himself in the NFL. Elijah Moore should be top 15 WR in fantasy but in this division is the 5th best and Uzomah should also be top 10 but in the division is ranked 2nd best TE. The jets defense is a little tricky, because the key defenders are either rookies or young, so i will rank them as the 4th best defense in the division.

Now onto the lead dogs, the Buffalo Bills. Ever since Josh Allen was drafted in 2018 this team just felt special. Allen’s rookie year wasn’t anything to blog about but with the reps, addition of Stefon Diggs and emergence of Gabriel Davis. Josh Allen has taken off. Josh Allen is ranked #1 overall over all Qb’s in fantasy, with Devin SIngletary is raked as the 29th Rb in fantasy. Stefon Diggs is ranked 5th amongst Wr’s in fantasy and Dawson Knox is ranked 10th amongst fantasy TE’s. The Bills Defense is ranked #1 overall which in my opinion is a bit high! In this division though the Bills have the best QB, the 2nd best RB, without a doubt the best WR in Stefon Diggs and Dawson Knox is the 3rd best TE in the division. Without a doubt the Bills do have the best defense in the division but not in the NFL.

With all this being said these are all my opinions. I would love to hear comments on this topic so please drop comment if you have a different ranking system. As always for more sports knowledge tune into Beers and Bet slips on Fridays, either on I tunes podcast or spotify, they are also on Facebook and twitter.

image by : Mike Masala 


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