Fans Pissed After Terrible Ending To Season 6 Of The Curse Of Oak Island

Alright, I’m upset. What a terrible way to end season six of the Curse of Oak Island. I don’t care if you think they’ll find a treasure or not… This is something that need’s to be talked about because The History Channel continues to lie. There are so many things to be upset about.

Here’s what I’ll start with.. They marked down that tonight was a two hour episode and after an hour it moved into The Curse of Civil Gold.

And now apparently The Curse of Civil is using members of The Curse of Oak Island – and they made it seem as if the show was still going on even though it was no longer focused on The Curse of Oak Island. 

What is going on? 

They said the tree on the left and tree on the right each have 13 branches. Um… You can’t count?

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Nothing about Dan Blankenship passing away? 

I don’t care if this was recorded ahead of time, if this was the end of the season and Dan Blankenship passed away… why wouldn’t you mention it at the end of the episode?

You showed him driving off slowly… But that’s all? 

Tonight was suppose to be a BIG discovery? Where? What?

I’m hoping that something that HAPPENED in today’s episode will help them find some answers next season. 

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Can’t blame Rick or Marty… Or anyone apart of the searchers…

This was a terrible put on by the History channel.

Something has to change. Last week was suppose to be this episode and you push this last episode onto us?…

And it ends like this? Nothing but lies? I love the cast members. I just wish another company put this on. History channel is apparently full of lies. But guess what.. I’ll still tune in next season because I love this show. But c’mon!


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