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Fans Left Upset at NELK Boys After Their Newest Video About Them Getting Evicted from Cruise Ship | @nelkboys

From what was suppose to be a wild, but relaxing trip in search for new content ideas for their upcoming new series, turned into disaster real quick for the NELK boys.

Just recently, the boys booked a cruise trip to the Bahamas in hopes they can get a new video to kick off the year 2022. But the NELK crew was up to their usual stuff again.

Between heckling at the crew’s introduction and comedy show to being an overall nuisance to every patron on the ship, the boys were eventually kicked out after just a day or two.

And let’s say after watching their new video, fans alike were particularly pleased with the guys’ behavior there.

Here are a select few of those comments below:

Yeah upon the watching the video ourselves, some fans are spot on with their comments above. With the exception of Disney Cruise Line, cruise ships are technically suppose to be relaxation and stuff not to be messed around with.

It’s understandable that NELK was trying to get some content along with their usual trolling/pranks, but the eviction was warranted to them. Felt the boys have got to their peak too quick, and it’s just going downhill for them since.

What a way to waste their wholesome vacation.

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