#FanDuelPMSSuperShow is Trending and I’m All For It

Written by Nate

Former NFL MVP quarterback Peyton Manning has had a hell of a weekend knowing he will be heading to the Pro Football Hall of Fame later this year.

However today on Super Bowl Sunday, he has a Super Bowl pregame show in the FanDuelPMSSuperShow, cohosting with former Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee, Green Bay Packers linebacker AJ Hawk, and others.

Here’s a few clips of the show featuring the two PMs.

I’m all for the PMS Super Show to be honest with you. It adds some good, dry humor and it adds a different alternative to the typical Super Bowl pregame show.

If you want to check out the full show of Pat and Peyton’s for yourself, here is the link for live stream on YouTube. If not, enjoy the game everybody! Have fun and enjoy the great Gameday grub!

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