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Fan who was tackled by Bobby Wagner suffered a concussion

Written by Tony Ghaul

Last Monday night, a fan stormed the field at Levi’s Stadium, in violation of applicable state and/or local laws. The fan filed a police report after taking a big hit from Rams LB Bobby Wagner. The hit knocked the trespasser down and allowed security to take over.

The Santa Clara Police Dept. says Alexander Taylor came to cops at around 1:45 p.m. on Oct. 4, nearly 24 hours after he was hit by Wagner during the Rams vs. 49ers game.

LB Bobby Wagner of the Los Angeles Rams. Photo courtsey of The Seattle Times

As per, the trespasser allegedly suffered a concussion, among other injuries. He also was burned on his arm, apparently due to the smoke device he carried onto the field.

Even if his injuries are real, it’s his own fault. When he trespassed onto a football field, he assumed he risk that somebody would tackle him down, including a football player. Wagner said last week he took down the fan for safety reasons.

Photo courtsey of TMZ Sports

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