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Fan Rushes the Turf and Through Security at Tropicana Field (Video)

We have a (fully-clothed) streaker that was on the loose early tonight over at Tropicana Field.

In a video by Barstool Sports’s Starting 9, a fan was seen running around the turf on the field, escaping away from the grasp of security.

The man eventually would hop over the field’s patio section, evading another security guard before getting tackled and taken away.

Via a tweet by beat writer Marc Topkin, the fan originally came from left field and had raced towards right field before getting taken away.

There is no word on what happened, but our guess is that the fan will be probably be banned from the stadium for an undetermined amount of time. At least for this time, it was funny seeing a person run out to the field unlike the Glen Taylor protestors from this past week.

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