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Fan Folly? Are Bills Fans Making SuperBowl Plans Yet?

Written by Mike Rickard II

By my estimations, Buffalo Bills fans are already making plans to attend the SuperBowl with the notion the Bills’ 2-0 record is evidence of another SuperBowl run after decades of playoff patheticness. As a Western New York resident and longsuffering Buffalo Bills fan (is there any other type?), I’ve seen it all before, the proliferation of Buffalo Bills swag ranging from jerseys to sweatshirts to elaborately decorated homes and vehicles. The Bills string two wins together and the fanbase starts talking about heading to the SuperBowl. Sure, they’ll say, we’ve talked about it before, but this year is different.

While I’ll always be a skeptic when it comes to Buffalo’s pro sports teams (after all I’ve been watching the Bills and the Sabres for decades and witnessed not only four consecutive SuperBowl losses, but dealt with a hockey team that seems to be designed to fail), there is something to be said for the Bills’ coach Sean McDermott, the defense, and of course, Das Wunderkind Josh Allen, the team’s amazing quarterback who may look like he has to get his parents’ permission to play on school nights, but who can pass and rush like his family is being held at gunpoint. Allen has a great offensive lineup too, with the team’s GM having added a variety of receivers for him to work with.

Certainly, the Bills haven’t battled anyone of note so far, but when Buffalo fans open at 2 and 0, you can be certain the local travel agents are getting calls on booking hotels and flights to Tampa, Florida for SuperBowl LV. Yes, this almost pathological passion to see the Bills succeed is a frequent occasion, but this year may be different. With everything that’s happened in 2020, this may finally be the year the Bills not only make it to the SuperBowl, but finally win.

I certainly wouldn’t put any money on it, but I’m rooting for Bills fans, one of the stoutest bunch of fans whose love for the team has seen a lot of heartache, but never a loss of hope.

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Mike Rickard II

Retired bank robber and author of "Wrestling's Greatest Moments", "Laughing All the Way to the Bank Robbery, "Flunky: Pawns and Kings," and "Don't Call Me Bush Beans: The Legend of a Three-Legged Cat." Pro wrestling and hockey fan. Hired gun for several pro wrestling sites and a top 10 YouTube wrestling channel. Available in regular and extra-strength.