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Fan Caught At Suns Game Sexting ‘Melanie Eliza’ In Wild Move

Written by TrevStone

Imagine sitting at an NBA playoff game and the guy next to you is bricked up while texting? This guy is probably so bricked up he’s a fan of Russell Westbrook.

This fan was caught at the Suns playoff game sexting someone named Melanie Eliza and let me tell you this guy was going into detail. Your paying a good amount of money to be at a playoff game and now you are the talk of the Internet.

The post already has over 60,000 likes and is all over my social media feed every time I scroll. From this guy talking about being on the edge of the bed to her rubbing her clit. This is just a wild move.

I mean I’ve been at sporting events while texting chicks and flirting. But going into this much detail? This guy doesn’t give two shits about the game that’s in front of him and only wants to bang Melanie Eliza. I’d love to see what she looks like – she sounds like a freak.

Some people are saying the guy taking the images of the person texting is in the wrong. But I don’t think so. You are in an arena with 20,000 people and your sexting. It’s a little awkward. But hey.. do you man.

I want to know what happened in this image. Is this like his wife? Did someone call him out? Or is that by chance the lady he is sexting?

The comments are hilarious:

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