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Family Moment: Astros Manager Dusty Baker Exchanges Lineup Cards and Hugs with Nationals Prospect, and Son Darren

Written by Nate

It is the first day of the spring season on the calendar year, and today in the MLB realm between the Houston Astros and the Washington Nationals, it will feel it’s Fathers Day.

Down in West Palm Beach, Florida, during Spring Training, Astros manager Dusty Baker was treated to a wholesome family moment as he had the chance to exchange hugs and lineup cards with Nationals player—and Dusty’s son, Darren.

Darren Baker is currently an infielder for the Nationals farm system, but seeing his dad across from him as he is about to play the Astros is a welcoming sight.

The clip goes to show that baseball is more than just a game, it is sometimes about family and love too.

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