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Facebook And Instagram Down; Live Updates; What Caused The Disruption In Service!

Earlier today, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp all went down for an unknown reason. As if this writing, there is still not a 100 percent clear cut reason as to why this occurred. Below are some updates on the situation.

As recent as 40 minutes ago, even Twitter began seeing the effects of this. As more people are not able to use Facebook and Instagram, Twitter has seen a huge amount of active users so people can get their social media fix.

Security Researcher Steve Gibson had the following to say on the matter a couple of hours ago.

A little over an hour ago, Facebook’s Chief Technology Officer has issued a sincere apology for the disruption ins service.

Even Congressman Alexandria Ocasio Ortiz felt the need to make fun of the fact that the technology giant was struggling to get the issues resolved today.

The best part was however Twitter winning the day with the following Tweet.

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