FABCBD Cream: Is It Worth to Buy for 2022

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CBD continues to cause a buzz in the wellness industry, with people using it for various reasons. CBD cream is one of the popular CBD products and comes in different potencies. Moreover, when looking for CBD topicals, FAB CBD cream is one of the products you may have come across which has a significant impact on wellness. But is it worth buying? Below is a guide on FAB CBD’s topical cream for all the details you should know, including how to use it and its safety.

FAB CBD Cream: Summary

 Before reviewing FAB CBD cream, first, let’s discuss how it came into the market. FAB CBD cream is manufactured by the company FAB CBD. Since 2017 the company has been offering various CBD products. The company was established to give customers an easy time benefiting from hemp. CBD cream is one of the products it offers, among others. FAB CBD utilizes U.S.-grown hemp to make CBD and has a neat, easy-to-navigate website. It also uses different types of CBD in its CBD formulations.

 FAB CBD Cream: Review:

After knowing about the brand, want to know more about FAB CBD cream? Well, here is the review of this soothing cream. 


FAB CBD cream is available at $49 and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. It is an affordable product with simple, high-quality ingredients that protect your skin. Signing up for a FAB CBD subscription will save you 20% off the cream’s price, and orders amounting to $99 or more are eligible for free shipping. However, on Black Friday, the company offers up to 50%.  


FAB CBD cream contains 600mg of full-spectrum CBD, which has various hemp components. Full-spectrum CBD contains cannabinoids, terpenes, fatty acids, oils, and flavonoids that work together to provide the entourage effect. U.S. hemp is known to be high-grade due to the regulations farmers must follow. Moreover, in this case, the company never disappoints their customer because FAB CBD cream is made with CBD from high-quality organic hemp from Colorado.


FAB CBD cream contains premium organic ingredients. Apart from CBD, it also incorporates aloe vera extract, coconut oil, chamomile, olive oil, cocoa butter, and blood orange essential oil. The manufacturer takes the product through third-party testing to ensure customers use a safe topical with no impurities.


  • Has a mild fragrance
  • Non-greasy and light
  • Contains natural terpenes
  • Non-GMO and pesticide-free
  • Contains full-spectrum CBD
  • Applies easily on tired and sore muscles.
  • Used for muscle and joint support and skin discomfort


  • Comes with full-spectrum CBD only


FAB CBD is a common name in reviews of the best CBD products. The company is known for providing premium CBD formulations, including CBD cream. Customers are happy with FAB CBD’s cream, giving five-star reviews of the product. You can find the reviews on the brand’s website and read other reviews online to learn more about the topical.

Quality and Transparency

FAB CBD is open about its production processes. It uses clean manufacturing methods and quality ingredients to create a potent CBD cream with a gentle scent.

Extraction Procedure 

FAB CBD derives CBD from organic hemp plants using the CO2 method. CO2 (carbon dioxide) is a safe component; we even breathe it out. The process allows CBD companies to make pure, solvent-free CBD to protect your health. FAB CBD adds other ingredients to CBD to make a high-quality CBD cream.


CGMP is the short form of current good manufacturing practices. Although FAB CBD is not cGMP-certified, the company adheres to top-notch standards of manufacturing to give customers the best CBD products. Apart from using organic hemp and the CO2 method to make CBD, the brand also tests products at different stages of production to ensure quality. It uses natural, simple ingredients to make a high-quality CBD cream.


COA means a certificate of analysis, also referred to as a lab report. The best CBD brands take their products through third-party tests at certified laboratories. The FDA does not regulate CBD products, so independent lab tests provide an extra look into CBD formulas. FAB CBD uses ProVerde Laboratories’ services to third-party test its CBD cream. You can easily view the test results from the brand’s website and be confident using a high-quality, safe product.

Customer Service and Review

FAB CBD offers satisfactory, responsive customer service. You can contact the manufacturer through email or call to get the clarification you need. Moreover, FAB CBD products have glowing reviews, with most customers satisfied with the items. All customer reviews on the FAB CBD website have responses from the company. The FAB CBD cream has over 400 five-star reviews.  

How to Us Fab CBD Cream

Using CBD topicals properly fosters the chances of enjoying the benefits of CBD cream. Utilizing FAB CBD cream is simple. After cleaning your hands and the affected body part, apply a fingertip-sized amount of cream on the area and rub it in to enhance absorption. 

The little amount of FAB CBD cream goes a long way, though. Wait for the relief to kick in in 20-30 minutes. You can reapply the topical later if need be.

Safety and Side Effects of Fab CBD Cream

Buy CBD cream directly from manufacturer websites. FAB CBD cream is safe and contains high-quality ingredients to protect your well-being. It has components like coconut oil, olive oil, vitamin E, and cocoa butter. The CBD in the topical does not enter your bloodstream, so you do have to worry about any risk. However, a study shows that. CBD can interact with drugs like anti-epileptics, antidepressants, opioid analgesics, and THC. So, before using, check the cream’s ingredients list. 


Will FAB CBD cream get me high?

FAB CBD cream will not get you high. The CBD in the product does not enter your bloodstream.  Besides, Fab CBD makes CBD from hemp, which contains less than 0.3% THC, an amount that does not affect the mind’s normal functioning.

Is FAB CBD cream legal?

FAB CBD cream is legal federally. The 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp products at the federal level, and multiple states have done the same. Check the CBD regulations of your area before buying and using Fab CBD cream.

Final Thoughts

FAB CBD cream is a topical worth buying. It contains organic CBD and other natural ingredients you have seen in regular skin care products. The product is also third-party tested, and you can view the lab report on the company’s website. It is potent, non-greasy, and applies smoothly on the skin. It also has moisturizing ingredients like cocoa butter to benefit your skin. So, what’s your opinion about FAB CBD cream? 

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