Earlier this week, Mickie James shocked the world by appearing on NWA television. As most know by now, she was released by WWE in April, causing a huge uproar amongst fans. She is a surefire future WWE Hall of Fame inductee and is beloved by the world over. The release was surprising to many, and the aftermath was not pretty for WWE. Most couldn’t believe the news, but Mickie James is a fighter. She has a ton of HARDCORE country in her, and it was only a matter of time before she re-surfaced.

Similar to most WWE releases, there is a 90 day non-compete clause attached. It makes sense from a business point of view, even if some don’t like the practice. It is absolutely done in television, entertainment entities, technology, and jobs everywhere. You can’t just go from one major corporation to the next within any time in between or some kind of ‘protection.’ Thus, this isn’t a “WWE thing.” This is a fairly common practice, depending on the contracts signed by the particular talent.

Therefore, it made the Mickie James/NWA Power appearance that much more surprising. Her 90 days were clearly not up yet, but there she was promoting an upcoming all women’s pay-per-view on August 28th in St. Louis, Missouri. Very cool news, which we will get back to…but um, how is this possible? What about her 90 day non-compete clause? I was definitely curious and after a day of pondering, I reached out for an explanation, and I got one.

The answer was simple: Mickie James is NOT signed with NWA.

That’s it. No deal, no conflict. She can be the executive producer for the all women’s pay-per-view without conflict. WWE won’t make a stink about it, and Mickie will be able to truly run a historic show behind the scenes. No match, nothing. She will be the brains behind the operation and show off her legendary skills behind the cameras come August 28th. On that note and clearing up any confusion, just who will be a part of this event? Well, besides the obvious NWA talent – what about elsewhere? Mickie has made it clear that she is open for business and calling in all favors and calling out every woman in the industry to step up and step into the spotlight.

Who do I think may show up?

*Note I am not including anybody from WWE, as I believe that is a long shot at best. They will likely not cooperate. Plus, these names are just my opinion.*

Thunder Rosa – Even though she is still under contract with NWA, she is pretty much an AEW talent at this point. I suspect Rosa will be there in a high profile match.

Victoria – She ain’t the lady to mess with! Good friends with Mickie James and definitely a free agent worth signing. Her appearance at the WWE Royal Rumble was years in the making, and I think most fans miss her.

Deonna Purrazzo – Current Impact Wrestling’s Womens Champion. Again, contracts and deals ‘could’ be set aside for this one night NWA pay-per-view. If any companies work together (minus WWE of course), it will be something special. Look no further than Deonna. Triple H publicly said he regretted NOT signing her years ago. Of course, he did eventually sign her and did nothing with her. Still, the talent is clear. She needs to be there.

Britt Baker – AEW’s current Womens Champion. Same with Deonna. How WWE never signed her or did anything with her is beyond me. A big swing and miss there for sure. Either way, from the little I have seen of AEW Dynamite, she is crushing it! Take a little detour over to NWA. Tony Khan has shown he has no issues working with all companies all over the globe.

Gail Kim – I could sit here and list women all day long who deserve a spot on this card. Let’s just leave it here. Gail Kim is another future WWE Hall of Famer that ironically spent a lot of her career OUTSIDE of WWE. No doubt NWA should give her a call. Not to wrestle (she seems content being retired) but to give a speech or something. She has earned that. While working for Impact Wrestling may be cool, this is one night Gail Kim can venture out to another company.

There you have it. Mickie James is NOT currently signed to NWA, but she will certainly do everything possible to put on one heck of a show come August 28th.

By Justin Watry (TWITTER: @JustinWatry)


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