When did you start? When did you get to the office?

September 2016 and since I was in my last semester at Rutgers, I could only commute to the office 3x a week until I graduated that December. I was told by Paul (Gaz, who was technically my boss at least for the viceroy program) that they would hire me full time starting in January 2017 . Once that happened I started showing up daily.

When you started at Barstool what was your role/responsibilities?

My role was to oversee the Viceroy program (college social media accounts.) As you know, my role wasn’t strictly that and I would appear in content shit sometimes. Obviously, the Rough N Rowdy but I also did other shit.

In February of 2017, Erika tasked me with hiring 4 full time employees to assist me with the viceroy program. I eventually narrowed it down to 3 and Barstool officially hired Chuck Naso, Tyler O’Day and Kyle Macci as full time employees based in the NY office in August of 2018. All of us worked M-F, and all day Saturday during the CFB season in order to post highlights/funny videos to the hundreds of viceroy social media accounts.

Looking back, I should’ve never been their boss. The way I was treated in the office made it impossible for them to view me as a boss. I mean, I wouldn’t have treated me like one. But I understood that for content purposes I had to “play the game” so to say. So I never raised any concerns about the dynamic until later.

In February 2018, I decided I had a problem and I needed to address it. In an effort to be fully honest with Barstool, I decided to tell Erika, Paul and Dave immediately. Anyway, I got demoted during this time and Erika told me it was for “bullying” Tyler and Kyle. Probably for the best. I figured I could do some other content now that I have more time on my hands.

Some people think you went a little nuts at Barstool… those last few weeks what happened? What was your last straw? And what were you going through? Why did you quit?

Great question. But I think there needs to be a little backstory to fully understand.

Like I said I had more free time on my hands since I got demoted. Whenever I told Dave I was going thru some shit, I also told him I wanted to start doing more content. I was already pretty cemented in content at Barstool. I mean this was months after I headlined the RNR against Hank. Additionally, I wanted to do content on my own terms instead of fighting in a ring or being poked like a bear on Stool Scenes. I thought I had earned that. Plus, I posted blogs in the past and nobody had a problem with it.

So from February 2018 to July 2018, I thought the company had no problems with me being in content. I was in the Spelling Bee, a Home run derby and continued being in stool scenes. Hell I sat a few feet away from Dave in the spelling bee.

Before I get into the reason I quit, I want to say a couple things. I came up with the idea of the top 10 hottest women in wheelchairs in 2017. At the time, I asked Dave if I could write it and he said yes but to hold off as Barstool just had Van Talk canceled from ESPN and the heat on the company was on. I understood that.

So in July 2018 that blog was finished and I felt enough time had passed I could publish it. In July 2018 I ran it by some coworkers and they thought it was pretty good and I should publish it. I won’t go on a rant, but Keith (Kmarko) told me to run it by Dave first. Dave was on vacation so I sent him the following:

Dave may have saw things differently but I took this as incredibly disrespectful. I mean I had literally gotten in the ring twice for this company and now this? I’m not saying I would’ve been any good at doing my own content but I thought I had at least earned a shot.

So yea, once I got that email I knew I was finished at Barstool. I mean I had already been demoted in my viceroy job, I was told by Dave I couldn’t do any content and was essentially on his bad side, which if you know Barstool basically means you’re fucked. 

I basically had no future at Barstool and it fucking sucked. I had higher ambition for myself and did not want to work somewhere where I could go nowhere but down. I was fucking pissed.

Also, in Dave’s blog he said I quit showing up to work so I’ll add some reasoning why. I did continue to show up to work following our email correspondence. Granted, since I knew I was leaving I didn’t do much work. But I did continue to show up. Until I was at my desk and saw this on Twitter.

I know Dan probably didn’t mean to say that, but it felt like everyone wanted me gone. My mindset was completely fucked.

After I saw this, I left and didn’t come back until I knew Dave was there so I could quit in person. I’m not one of those people that would quit in email or anything.

I haven’t read that blog in years but reading it back makes me laugh. 

To be honest I’m not quite sure why he is mad at me. There is no longstanding back story or grudge.”

Dude. Why do you think I was fucking mad? I think anyone who was in my position at that time could see why I was acting the way I was acting.

Were you on drugs? (And is that why you were saying Portnoy was on drugs?)

No, however to this day I don’t think I’ve ever felt more disrespected or been more pissed.

You posted on some of the Barstool twitter accounts on your way out, hilarious. Thoughts on it now? One reddit user posted: This whole situation is kinda fucked up, but the idea of Tex continuing to chirp Pres from all of the Viceroy accounts while Pres plays Wack-A-Mole trying to block them all is hilarious

Don’t regret that at all.

After Barstool what did you do?

Well, I went to stay with my Father for a while while I figured out my next steps. My Father had no idea about Barstool or my role within it. He was just happy I had a job before I showed up at his house in August 2018. My Father is fairly old school, so he was not about to allow me to stay at his house and sulk. Additionally, he’s on a fixed income (retired navy) so it wasn’t like he could afford to take care of me for a couple months. He told me I had to get a job and pay for groceries and shit. So within a month I was working as a Substitute for Sinton ISD. 

*****Funnily enough, my role content wise at Barstool was very similar to Kenny Powers. If you ever watched Eastbound and Down you know in the first episode after showing the montage of Powers’s baseball career, the first scene is him becoming a substitute teacher. I actually had a very similar experience to him. 

Straight up in late August 2018 I was sitting in a room and the person running the class was like “Thank you for becoming a Substitute teacher.” I can laugh at it now. But at the time, I was just like fuck my life. I made $50/day as a sub.

I honestly thought about becoming a teacher. Teachers in Texas are surprisingly well paid and it was actually more than I made at Barstool. However, within a month I had been reprimanded by the Principal twice. Once for telling a room full of third graders to “shut the hell up” and once for giving a kid my phone at recess. 

This prick kid I was substituting told me he was faster than me so at the playground I raced this kid in a 40 and had a student record my time on my phone. Apparently, giving my personal phone to an elementary school kid was a big no no. I forget what my time was but it was faster than that kid’s. 

Anyway I knew I didn’t have it in me to teach. Fuck them kids. So I joined the Army.

What made you leave social media? And be honest… did you actually leave it?

Once I knew I was going to be in the Army I wanted to be a Soldier first, former disgraced Barstool employee second. So I thought it would be in everyone’s best interest to delete my accounts.

But yes, I had burners during my time in the Army. But I had a few get shutdown or suspended cause I kept tweeting mean things at a certain former coworker of mine. So for awhile I just laid off Twitter cause I was tired of creating burners.

Some people thought you might have died because there was another Dylan Stone who passed away. Did you have people reach out about that?

Nah, but one of my Army buddies sent that to me and said he wished it was true haha. Obviously, he was joking but that was the type of humor we had.

What are you doing now? 

Well I’m officially out of the Army. Unfortunately, I have had physical health problems that made finishing up my contract impossible. But the Army is helping me out a ton with making a smooth transition into the civilian world.

****Yes I’m aware they misspelled my name but whatever.

As for now, I’m just applying to jobs here in Houston and luckily have awesome people around me to help me out. I’m going to find a job soon I’m sure and if it isn’t the one I want I’ll probably just find some work around Houston. Luckily, my ego is not what it once was and if I have to work the fryers at Whataburger in the meantime I would absolutely do that. 

Honest thoughts on El Pres?

Well, personally I’ll always have a grudge against him. It’s fairly clear he wanted to get rid of me. Once Dave wants you gone, you’re pretty much screwed. I mean he suspended a blogger for calling Rihanna fat which led to him leaving the company. Everyone at the company knew at the time Dave was just suspending him because he didn’t like him and it was a good excuse to get rid of him. I know Spags left on his own accord but from what I know if he stayed at Barstool his life would’ve sucked. FWIW, I was the only one at the company during that time to call dave out on his bullshit (I can’t find the stool scenes but I straight up went to Dave and called him out).

But just cause I will always have a grudge against him doesn’t mean I want anything bad to happen to him. He’s done a ton of good in the world (Barstool fund, Robinhood debacle, etc) that it would be selfish of me to wish ill upon him.

Q about that Portnoy quote: Why weren’t you content at that time? It seemed to me you were a solid part of the content. 

I thought so too. I guess not. 

Portnoy said he would make sure you get help. Did he reach out at all?

No but it wasn’t his responsibility to ensure that. I had to get help on my own and I did.

Who from Barstool kept in touch the most?

He doesn’t work there anymore but Carrabis definitely. Over the years we would talk about baseball, wish each other happy birthday, etc and I really do appreciate that. As to who works there now, a few have. I won’t say who publicly because I know I’m still persona non grata in the Barstoolverse so I don’t want them getting any heat.

What have you learned the most since leaving Barstool?

That I’m really not that cool or important. I would never admit it but I had a massive ego when I left. The Army quickly reinforced the belief I wasn’t shit.

If you could go back in time would you do anything different? Do you still hold any ill will towards the company/Dave?

Of course. But I mean I don’t think I could. I’d love to sit here and tell you I’ve completely changed. I might be a little more calm these days but most of that shit is still the same.

Obviously, I wish I would’ve won the RNRs but I don’t think that would’ve changed anything. I had problems that weren’t going to change regardless of if I won or not. I do think a big what if in Barstool history is if I beat Hank? 

I would love to say I’m not bitter towards the company, but that isn’t true. I’m absolutely bitter with how things went down. I’m working on it though.

Did you feel they made you out to look bad on purpose at times? Or did you fit and enjoy that role?

Oh absolutely. They portrayed me as a lunatic who cared only about himself when that couldn’t be further from the truth. I served with a bunch of people who would reiterate that.

Other people had some freakouts in the office that were conveniently left out of Stool Scenes. In fact, when Nate pushed YP, YP cut that part out of the stool scenes. When I found that out I went to YP and basically called him a bitch and he blew up on me. Luckily Dave forced it to eventually get out. But yea shit like that I didn’t appreciate.

This is going to sound self-serving but I did a ton of good at Barstool. Whether it be volunteering or helping my fellow employees out, I think I always had my heart in the right place.

Thoughts when someone at Barstool did a blog about you in the military and then it was removed right away?

Like I said, I’m very much Persona non grata at Barstool. They treat me like the WWE treats Chris Benoit lol.

Do you think Barstool/Dave didn’t want you doing content cause they knew you were a bit more unpredictable than most?

For sure. Dave was preparing to sell out ever since the company moved to New York. I was more “old school barstool”, and older stoolies will know what that means. 

Between when you started and now, what is the biggest change at Barstool you’ve seen? You watch any Barstool Content?

Oh the company totally sold out. Which isn’t a bad thing, but old school Barstool/Dave didn’t care about what others thought about the company. Now, you can tell they’re not allowed to say certain things that could get the company in trouble, which for longtime stoolies is the antithesis of what Barstool stood for. 

Part of me wishes they never got as big as they have. When you have as many mouths to feed as Barstool does you have to sacrifice some of your freedom and liberties.

But I do enjoy watching the YAK when I have a chance. Moreover, I don’t think I’ve ever missed an episode of the Dozen. If you cheat on that show, fuck you.

Also, I think the newer people coming to Barstool are just there to self promote. I would bet most of them don’t know the history of Barstool and what it used to be. I applied to Barstool cause I loved how the company operated. Brash and unapologetic. 

Lastly, its not just Barstool but it seems like gambling is getting shoved down everyone’s throat and its fucking annoying. 

Did Barstool do anything cool for you?

Absolutely. When Hurricane Harvey happened they paid for my flight down to Texas and they paid for supplies. 

Also, I asked for them to delete my blogs in 2019 because an NCO of mine at the time was hammering me about it so they did and I appreciate that.

It wasn’t all bad. 

Are there any “fun facts” about your time at Barstool that nobody really knows about?


  • Clay Travis was supposed to be my cornerman in the RNR against Hank. 
  • YP never edited a single stool scenes after the first one. All he did was hold up a camera, press record and do those stupid intro videos. Easily the laziest employee during my time there.
  • I threw up after the 3 cone drill at the Barstool Combine.
  • I was in a groupchat with JackMac and Tyler O’Day and it was hilarious when they would argue politics. I found my old iphone recently and had a couple good laughs looking back at the group chats.
  • I researched all the girls for my “Top 10 Hottest Women in Wheelchairs” blog on instagram and basically turned my discover tab on IG into chicks in wheelchairs for months

One story that is pretty funny is when me and an unnamed 2nd floor employee went to a James Bay party. I had a buddy who worked for the agency CAA who repped him and gave me two tickets to James Bay new album reveal party. I was under the impression it was going to be a private concert and this is what I told my buddy. I had no idea who James Bay was but when I told my unnamed buddy he immediately started singing Bay’s hit “Let it Go” needless to say he was pumped to go.

So we get to this place, they take our phones at the door, we get settled in our seats, free drinks the whole 9. There had to be maybe 50 people there and everybody was in business casual so my mullet and I stuck out like a sore thumb. Anyway, about 20 minutes in, Bay comes on stage and sits in a chair.

In his stupid british accent he thanks everyone for coming, talks about how hard he’s worked on this album yada yada and tells us how excited he was for us to hear it. Then on the table in front of him he opens this mac book, and presses a button and music begins to play. While the music is playing he’s just rocking back and forth in his chair bobbing his head to the music. After a few songs there’s a pause and I whisper to my buddy “you thought this was a private concert right?” he laughs and says yea. 

So we just stood there for an hour listening/watching this guy awkwardly play music off a fucking mac. Fortunately, we got pretty drunk for free so it wasn’t all bad.

What’s next? 

To be honest I’m not sure man. Fortunately, I’m back in Texas and have never been as financially secure as I am now. Working on the resume and writing blogs in the meantime for shits and gigs. 


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