It’s Conor McGregor fight week and the mental warfare has begun. There’s no one in the fight game that does it better than Conor when it comes to trash talking.

His last fight with Dustin, we saw a different Conor. He was calm, cool, collected, and respectful towards Dustin. Pardon me, but the evil Conor McGrgegor that throws dollies through bus windows and yells, “who the fook is that guy?” is far more entertaining.

Dolly Throwing Incident

Last night at 12AM, evil Conor returned with the mind games and posted an audio message whispering and taunting Dustin.

“Dustin … peahead … I’m coming for you, peahead. … Silly hillbilly.”

No more Mr. Nice Guy. The rest of the week is sure to bring mayhem and chaos. Buckle up. 

Conor’s Trash Talking Highlights

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