Nothing like never having phone service while you are paying for it. That’s been the issue for me and many others for the last two weeks and everyday it continues to get worse.

Verizon Wireless has been the powerhouse for the fastest phone service especially in Baraga, County which has roughly 8,000 people. But that has been changing rapidly.

Verizon claims there are too many people in a small area or else that they haven’t heard about the issue yet. Which is alarming seeing I see dozens of posts from locals everyday regarding this all saying they’ve called and have been told the same thing.

If that’s the case, if there are too many people, how did this just start happening over the last couple of weeks? Did this area just randomly grow by a few thousand or something? I know that isn’t the case but how else would it go from working perfectly fine to ‘there are too many people in a small area’ that doesn’t make any sense.

Just read the comments in the Facebook post below:

Hopefully putting this blog out there this can finally get fixed because it’s surely annoying not being able to use my phone. People are posting about switching to AT&T and I might be next.


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