Everyone Calm Down, There Is Still College Hoops Being Played Wednesday

College Basketball is scheduled to tip-off this Wednesday! I don’t know if I’ve ever been this starved for NCAA Basketball. It has been nine months since the NCAA Tournament got canned, and that was the worst. Everyone has been freaking out because multiple programs have already had to cancel their season openers for Wednesday, such as Duke and Arizona. That sucks, we don’t want any games canceled, but look that’s gonna happen this season. There are still plenty of games to be played on Wednesday.

That’s why I love Jon, always keeping it positive. All these cancellations have everyone being negative, while there is still 88% of the games being played on opening day. I am so ready for hoops, we officially tip-off the season at 9 am on Wednesday between Towson and Umass Lowell. Basketball on all day, let’s goooooo. We even get a top ten matchup on Thanksgiving between Kansas and Gonzaga. I can’t wait, let’s do this.

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