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Everson Griffen Posts Text Messages With Agent “People Are Trying To Kill Me”

Written by Durr

Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah. What is happening here? Over the past few hours Minnesota Vikings standout, Everson Griffen has been posting text messages with his agent that people are trying to kill him?

Griffen also posted a video on Instagram about this, showing a gun and that he is scared:


In the video posted, Griffen seemed very prepared for this by explaining the loaded gun he had in hand along with how he received that gun.

This is a really daunting situation with not much context behind it besides the things posted on social media by Griffen. We don’t know who. We don’t know why.

Thank God for social media though. Griffen was able to get the word out about this manner and hopefully he is getting help in this situation at this time. He seemed to be locked in some sort of room.

The responses by his agent came a few hours Griffen’s initial text, due to it likely being overnight. The crazy thing about it is, Griffen still needed help hours later.

It seemed as if Griffen sent the location of his whereabouts to his agent, I hope Murph quickly reacted and helped in whatever case it was needed.

The only thing we can really see now if you are not in the area is pray for the safety of Griffen and hope everything turns out to be okay. This isn’t the first time that something has happened with Griffen involving mental health, if that is indeed what this is.

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