A legend of the lacrosse game has passed the torch to the youth and is retiring, Paul Rabil has had an amazing 14 year career playing this game and had established groundwork and has helped grow the game tremendously.

I’m not going to write a super long article because I’m newer to watching lacrosse, but the reason I’m writing this is because the reason I gained interest and started watching it was because of a Paul Rabil interview when he was help staring the PLL. I was like damn this seems like a cool guy and I knew lacrosse was dope but I never payed much attention and then I looked up Paul Rabil career highlights and damn I was impressed. He was so fucking good and even until he retired he’s been balling out but I’m guessing he’s taking a step back from playing and a more business role and he deserves whatever he’s wanting to do.

He has so many highlights in his career, like first of all he’s the co-founder of the biggest lacrosse league right now, the Premier Lacrosse League. He’s also a 1x PLL all star, a 2X NCAA champion, 2X MLL Steinfield Cup Champion, 1X Steinfield MVP, 10X MLL All Star, 9X MLL First Team, 2X MLL MVP and 2X MLL Offensive Player Of The Year. He’s also an NLL Champion Cup winner and A 2X NLL All Star. Like holy shit that resume is insane, some may say he’s possibly the best Lacrosse player of all time, I may be some but I’m not the only one. Give this guy the respect he deserves because he deserves it more than most think, a true game changer.


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