Even at Their Worst, the Dallas Cowboys Still Manage to Rip My Heart Out

Pain. For the sixth time this season, I’m in pain. I can’t tell you why, but I moronically talked myself into Ben Dinucci, just for the guy to let me down. Heartbreaking mistake after heartbreaking mistake, fumble after fumble, missed throw after missed throw. Collinsworth kept saying that Dinucci was “beginning to settle in,” was he? Certainly didn’t look like he was settling in when he was coughing up the ball on the game winning drive!

Now, does McCarthy still blow? Yes. But, wow do I respect the fact that he basically ran my seventh-grade pewee offense tonight. I really respect the mentality of knowing our QB sucks, and just embracing it. I can fully get behind having more confidence in a triple reverse, fake counter, QB throwback, than a simple three-step drop.

But, despite the brief moment of borderline competence, McCarthy still has to go, and I guess this loss gets us one step closer. But really, the roller coaster this team takes me on is truly spectacular. It’s not a game by game thing, not quarter by quarter, not drive by drive, its play by play in which my expectations for this team fluctuate. One play we’re strip sacking Wentz, and I unironically think this team can win a playoff game with Dinucci, the next Dinucci is holding on to the ball for 62 seconds in the pocket, and I’m thinking we should tank for Trevor. That being said, the final consensus is tank, the schedule gets real tough from here, and 2-14 is completely on the table. A record that shitty could definitely be enough to grab T-Law, so no need to win from here on out, just please don’t get my hopes up.

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