Evan McPherson kicks the Cincinnati Bengals to the Super Bowl over the Kansas City Chiefs (Video)

Evan McPherson kicks the Cincinnati Bengals to the Super Bowl over the Kansas City Chiefs (Video)

For the second week in a row, the Kansas City Chiefs were headed to overtime.

Only this time, Patrick Mahomes was picked off in overtime and Joe Burrow got the ball.

Burrow lead his Bengals offense down the field, setting up a game-winning field goal attempt by rookie kicker Evan McPherson.

Just like last week against the Tennessee Titans. McPherson didn’t miss from 31 yards out.

The Bengals reach their first Super Bowl since 1988 when the San Francisco 49ers beat them on a game-winning drive by Joe Montana.

Fast forward 34 years later, and it’s Joe Burrow who is looking like Joe Cool. Now, the Be gals are two weeks away from a date in the Super Bowl.

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