Eva Marie Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction On WWE TV, As Becky Lynch Laughs

By now, it is no secret that Eva Marie is returning to WWE. Her vignettes have started to air on WWE Raw. She is plugging WWE related crap all over her social media platforms. Yeah, All Red Everything is about to grace our television screens again. The former Big Brother Celebrity contestant is returning to her squared circle roots imminently. The best part is that this “Evalution” is sure to rile up fans.

Eva Marie has a way with fans. Good or bad. Nobody really knows how to react to her, and you know the company loves that reaction from their viewers. WWE often times can press juuuuuust the right buttons and getting us upset but can flip that switch in an instant. Eva was a prime example of that. You want the best example of that theory? Let’s just rewind things about five years – all the way back to summer 2016 when Eva Marie was still in WWE.

Ah yes, the infamous wardrobe malfunction. We have seen a few of those inside a wrestling ring before. Heck, there were two at WrestleMania 37, the biggest wrestling event of the year. Just a few weeks ago on RAW, there was a wardrobe malfunction or two. Stuff like that is going to happen on live television. Whether it is a Super Bowl halftime performance or a wrestling match with very little clothing on. It’s going to happen. The only difference is when Eva Marie had her ‘wardrobe malfunction’ it was not really a WARDROBE MALFUNCTION!

Nope, it was just a part of the ongoing story line where Eva Marie would get herself out of a match. It was a quick knee injury. It was a transportation issue. In this case, it was her top accidentally falling off just as the bell was going to ring. You see, WWE knew that she wasn’t the best inside the ring…so why not use that? Why not mess with fans and play off that belief? True or not, perception is reality. Thus, it was a great idea to use that against fans. Becky Lynch simply laughed at her, as the ref quickly covered her up and yep, canceled the match because of a wardrobe malfunction.

Absolutely ridiculous. Ironically enough, we never did get that big match with Eva Marie as she was off television a few weeks after this and out of the company altogether less than a year later. Now though, she is back! All red everything is all everything. Will we get more wardrobe malfunction kind of appearances or is the Womens Revolution about to be the Evalution?

Only time will tell…

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