In their power rankings last week, ESPN had the Cowboys as the team with the best chance in the NFL to reach and win the Super Bowl. Dallas had a 45.7% chance to win the NFC and a 27.6% chance to win it all. The Chiefs and Bills ranked second and third, respectively. The Eagles? They had at 30.3% and 13.2%. This is absurd.

The jackasses at ESPN, gave the one loss Eagles less than half the chance it gave the Cowboys to get a Super Bowl title.

The Eagles went out yesterday and completely manhandled, utterly outclassed, and shell-shocked the Giants from the opening kickoff in a 48-22 ass kicking that cemented the Eagles in the playoffs at 12-1. This total domination of football yesterday should surely should snap even the least intelligent to its senses.

Brandon Graham had three sacks and forced a fumble, and he had this to say to ESPN’s analytics wing: “[Bleep] them!”

The Cowboys barely beat the hapless, hopeless, one win Texans. In Dallas.

The Eagles dominated a desperate, winning Titans team in Philadelphia last week. They dominated a desperate, winning Giants team on the road on Sunday. They have one loss after 13 games. They’ve beaten the Vikings and the Cowboys.

The Cowboys entered Sunday with three losses, same as the Chiefs and Bills.

The Eagles keep improving. They are elite, or nearly so, in every area: Offense. Defense. Special teams. Coaching. A well oiled machine led by the best player in the NFL this season, QB Jalen Hurts.

Seth Joyner who had a 13-year NFL career that included eight seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles is now a Post game analyst said, “Them clowns” at ESPN.

“I’d be real curious to see what those power rankings looked like last week from them clowns over at ESPN talking about the Eagles are ranked fourth and Dallas is the No. 1 team in the NFL,” Joyner said in his postgame gig.

“It’s pretty evident to me that it’s a great football team from head to bottom,” he said. “I’m not even going to [call] then good, because defenses and defensive coordinators can’t do a whole lot [against] them. When they want to run the football, they run the football. When they want to throw the football, they throw the football. Then they confuse you with their balance with the run and the pass sometimes.

“When Kansas City is right, they’re the best team in the AFC. The defense in San Francisco. Dallas, when they’re hitting on all cylinders … but they had to pull a rabbit out of their behind today [to beat the Texans]. … You put [the Eagles’ offense] against any of those elite-level defenses, and I don’t see them stopping them.”

Seth put ESPN on blast for their nonsense. The Eagles will have to keep showing the knuckleheads at that network who top team is.

Philadelphia Eagles QB Jalen Hurts. Photo courtsey of


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