Guessing someone needs to get their facts straight before tweeting.

After hearing the news of the Boston Celtics hiring Ime Udoka as their new head coach, ESPN analyst Jay Williams chimed to say congratulations to Udoka as their ‘first head coach of color’ in team history.

Except there was one problem. Via, Udoka is actually becoming the sixth head coach of color in their history.

Notable coaches of color for the Celtics include 11-time NBA champion (as both player and coach) Bill Russell, eight-time champion K.C. Jones (also won titles as both player and coach), and Doc Rivers, who most recently won an NBA Championship with Boston in 2008.

Yeah it was not a great look there for Williams, as he had briefly played in the NBA after winning an NCAA National Championship with Duke. Especially if he is supposed to be an analyst for the proclaimed ‘worldwide leader in sports.’

Williams probably knew it was mistake, and deleted his tweet shortly afterwards.

UPDATE: Williams has tweeted that the original tweet posted was believe to NOT be posted by him. He has stated that his password has been reset since then.


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