ESBC Is The Boxing Game That We All Desperately Need

Written by EricLyonsTV

It’s been 10 years since Fight Night Champion was released, that was the final installment in EA’s Fight Night franchise. After the death of Fight Night, EA turned its attention to UFC with the release of UFC 1. The series started off great and eventually went straight to Hell as all EA games usually do. It’s interesting that EA never went back to boxing especially with how many great fights and fighters made the 2010’s hot. EA was even late on the UFC wave, UFC Undisputed dropped in 2009 with the last installment being dropped in 2012, EA’s UFC didn’t drop until 2015. Since 2011 all boxing and gaming fans have been begging for EA to bring back Fight Night but now Steel City Interactive is here to give us the boxing game we deserve.

They are taking their sweet time with this game, I encourage them to continue to do so because there is no reason to rush the process. Boxer scans don’t stop at the face with them, they have scanned much more to make the game as authentic as possible. By scanning head movement, footwork, and more the game will feel flow like a real boxing match. Today’s games are more graphic driven than mechanic driven and this game is here to show everyone why mechanics matter. Sports simulation games are supposed to look and feel like the real thing but games like Madden, 2K, and even UFC have lost their way. 2K’s last installment of a WWE game was so bad that they had to take a year off to get it together. Steel City Interactive is working very hard to make sure they’re never in that position.

So let’s talk about the who and what they plan to deliver in this game. With a roster that expands monthly and will be updated when the game is launched, ESBC is currently home to 100 boxers including Tyson Fury who was announced yesterday. The presumed cover star, pound for pound king Canelo Alvarez is also featured in the game which is huge. There are present day stars in the game like Vasyl Lomachenko, Terence Crawford, Shawn Porter, Edgar Berlanga, Claressa Shields, and more. On the roster are tons of legends as well but they’ve even gone deep to feature cut men, trainers, and promoters. ESBC has partnered with different boxing brands to give us realistic boxing attire, plus the boxing commissions like the WBO that will give us real boxing titles in the game. The visuals which are in alpha mode are stunning. This has potential to be one of the greatest sports hames of all time. Scheduled for a late 2021 release, I’ll revisit this as we get closer to the release date.

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