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Eric Ebron Crying On Twitter Should Get Him Fined/Suspended – @Ebron85

Written by TrevStone

Eric Ebron. In other words, butterfingers. Or else I mean honeybuns. If you’ve followed ProSportsExtra and me at all, you know I don’t like this clown at all.

Everything about him is a fraud. Him giving up on eating honeybuns = fraud, his Tweets when Pittsburgh had to play during their scheduled BYE week to his tweets today, this guy is insane with the amount of complaining he does.

Today it was announced that Baltimore vs Pittsburgh game that was scheduled for Thanksgiving Night has been moved to Sunday Night – Eric Ebron took to Twitter to cry about it.

Go figure.

When he was told they had to play during the BYE week he started crying about how he doesn’t get to see his family because of it.

Well…. now he is able to spend Thanksgiving with his family and he’s crying. This dude is nuts!

Now… Wasn’t everyone told before the season that there was going to be problems with the schedule? That if you didn’t want to deal with those problems that you shouldn’t play this year? To opt out?

Well here we are dealing with those issues and the Pittsburgh Steelers tight end is crying about it nonstop.

If the NFL was smart, they’d fine this clown. Get his Twitter fingers to stop. NFL fines players about tweets all the time, Ebron should be next.

I wonder if he’ll tell me once again to go on a diet? Or that I’m a dumbass?

Eitherway, Ebron how about you stop crying?

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