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Episode 36 – Barry Meets Brian and Trashman is back

What an episode do the boys have for you today. Trashman makes his triumphant return and his takes are fire throughout this episode. Marco and Brian in Champaign @BkRuch met up for Todd McCommas’ stand-up show in Springfield. Brian also met Barry for the first time and had a White Claw with him too. We thought we knew Facetime etiquette, but we don’t. The terms, “piss bottles” and “trash pandas” get thrown around pretty loosely in this one. Of course we had to talk about our football teams; which lead us into Local Shitshows to close out. 

Some of the NFL topics were where does Tom Brady end up? Who is the new team that will “Tank for Trevor” AJ Green? Where does he go? We also greatly appreciate if you have seen our embedded stuff along side the page and have clicked on it, Thank You! It will be updated with this episode in the coming days. The video for this episode will be attached at the bottom of this page. Cheers. 

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