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Episode 35 – High Speed Failure.

TA here, apologize for the lack of blog updates, we notoriously suck at these updates. Anyway. episode 34 is called the zilly 500 and its where we go into the Daytona 500 and Ryan Newman’s gnarly crash. We also do a comprehensive Play by play of the Zillion beers phenomenon. You can find the episode on the imbed above or the video down below.

Episode 35 is really appropriately titled “High Speed Failure” because Tanner ventures to Madison to fly out for work. He also brags about Madison’s high speed internet, he has issues galore. Go check out the Youtube video because his issues leave some hilarious screenshot worthy material. Marco opens up about his first day on his new gig. We then discuss both the Wilder/Fury fight and The UFC card from this past weekend. The discussion pivots to the impending NFLDraft/free agency talk. Flegs is in Indy and he talks about how the city of Indianapolis handles the NFL combine. Plenty of laughs for people who enjoy our stupidity. Thank you for rocking with us.

We at The Anomalies are also thankful for the real estate along the side of the page. If you have given us a shot out of curiosity, Thank you so much!

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