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Entrepreneur uses OnlyFans money to fund other businesses | @katianakayy

Written by TrevStone

Katina, 19, has been growing as an entrepreneur the last couple of years but recently she decided to sign up for OnlyFans. OnlyFans is a platform that is a premium subscription service where the creator sets the boundaries.

Katiana joined around two months ago and she’s already one of the top creators.

But why did she join OnlyFans? She’s smart.

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Before Onlyfans, she was brokering hemp and drop shipping products online. According to her the “skills of sales and marketing really helped and carried over.”

When she joined OnlyFans she noticed how much money was being generated so she had to jump in and put her energy into it: “I saw the girls at the top making 6 figures monthly, and I knew anything I put my energy into I would get to the top. So I see myself there soon.”

Katiana Kay (@GoddessKatiana) | Twitter

She has a partner who has helped her throughout the last couple of months on social media and her schedule. Click here to view her manger page. Or else click here to view here Instagram where she is closing in on 200K followers.

She recently just moved to Miami, and is trying to be outgoing and meet new entrepreneurial friends. She loves talking with people who think big, also people that have deep conversations about their emotions or life in general.

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