Entourage Reboot!!!!

If you a are guy from 25-45 you know Entourage. It was the ultimate guy bromance, wish fulfillment show of the 2000’s. While it may have some lines that wouldn’t t play in this PC, soy boy, weak ass culture, at the heart it was about friendship.

Everyone compared themselves to one of the five main cast members. Each group had an E, a Vince, a Turtle, an Ari or a Drama. I mean I was a Drama, my snapchat is JohnnyDrama1120 lol.

The new “Victory The Podcast” starring Kevin Dillion (Drama) and Doug Ellin (Creator) and the producer Kevin Connolly (E), has brought life back to the Entourage. I believe there has been about 20 episodes. The guys go through each episode and talk about the details and the behind the scenes of the episodes. Its a fantastic listen, if you need another podcast on rotation.

Each week Doug keeps down playing the reboot talks, while Dillion and Connolly keep pushing it. More and more the momentum of the podcast and fans are pushing for a reboot. Listening to every podcast I can tell Ellin is starting to sway over to the side of the reboot. He hasn’t come out and said it, but judging his inflections and the content talking points it’s going to happen. Entourage will be coming back, I don’t know in a movie form or a new complete series reboot but something will happen sooner then later. I’m super pumped for it as a die hard fan! Go listen to the pod and send tweets to get it done for sure. Victory!!!!!

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