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‘Entitled’ Jackson Mahomes Called Out by Kansas City’s SoT Bar After Recent Visit

The SoT Bar and Restaurant in Kansas City had a special guest at their establishment just recently, and let’s say, he wasn’t too happy with how things were run there.

Jackson Mahomes, mega social media influencer and brother of NFL MVP quarterback Patrick, left a bad review of the place after they couldn’t seat Jackson’s large crew. The bar would eventually clap back in a brilliant apology/response to the younger Mahomes brother in the tweet below and state that they are a small place, and couldn’t seat Jackson’s large group at the time.

The response includes SoT calling out Jackson for being a ‘clout chaser;’ recalling the past negative events of him dancing on Sean Taylor’s number at his memorial and him pouring water on Ravens fans earlier this season.

Yeah, there is a big entitlement complex going on for Jackson, thinking he could get or do whatever he wants since he is the brother of a Super Bowl champion quarterback. If and when he does venture out on his own in the future, we can bet he’s not going to know what to do with himself since he was riding Patrick’s coattails.

And seeing that they are known as a small business in Kansas City, one of the quotes from SoT completely sums up the visit from Jackson altogether:

“We survived a global pandemic, we’ll survive your ego.”

Hope the rest of the Mahomes family doesn’t find out about this.

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