Entire Wisconsin Volleyball Team Posts Naked Picture That Got Leaked! View Here!

Written by TrevStone

Woah, what the heck is going on?

I can tell you this much – the Wisconsin volleyball team has some dimes on it. And they have some nice sets of jugs. Yep. They showed it all off. Everyone and I mean everyone can’t stop talking about it. They are the FULL (two hands worth) topic of discussion everywhere.

And one person keeps getting talked about, Laura Schumacher.

People are obsessed with her looks and let me tell you when you click the button at the bottom that you’ll end up being in love with her also.

Why would they take these pictures without thinking they’d end up getting leaked around? You guys are a college volleyball team with some dimes on it.

The entire team should just start an OnlyFans now and just make money from it. Why not? Now you might say that it is sexist of me to say that but I don’t think so. I’m just sayin they should make the money from what everyone is already seeing anyway. And this way they can raise some money for there team.

Click the next button to see the images –

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