The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic have brought upon some viral confrontations within the past 15 months—mostly with people who have been against masks and mask mandates. But what happened recently thrusted itself into top 10 of that list.

As shown in multiple tweets on Twitter, one of the employees at an Tweedy and Popp Ace Hardware Store in Lake City, Washington (suburb of Seattle) were caught on video enforcing their mask policy using a baseball bat to kick a customer out, who tried to enter in without mask on.

Before the fight, Dixon did enter the store with a mask on, but his friend didn’t since he was fully vaccinated even though signs said masks were still required to enter into the building.

Then Joe Kinsey of said in his post that the customer, Bobby Dixon, and his friend were trying to talk to the manager about someone’s customer service when they were met with the bat-wielding employee and a fight broke out between the two men.

After Dixon and his friend were forcibly kicked out, the two men did file a complaint to local authorizes and the story was sent Ace’s corporate headquarters. However they have not responded back to them yet.

It’s understandable that some stores still have mask mandates, even if fully vaccinated people can enter in stores without one on, but this is ridiculous.

Just when employees of that Ace store is suppose to be helpful hardware folks.


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