Emily Mayfield On What Baker Is Doing While All The Controversy Surrounds Deshaun Watson; What’s Next For Cleveland Browns?

Written by TrevStone

Over the last year one of the biggest talking points in the NFL has been Baker Mayfield and Deshaun Watson. Both of them have had UPS and DOWNS. But right now, everyone is confused on what the situation will be between the two of them as they’re both currently on the Browns roster – Watson might be facing suspension and Baker? He doesn’t know where or if he will be playing this season.

According to Total ProSports:

While taking part in an Instagram Q&A, Emily said Mayfield “is great” and has “been training a ton,” even playing a bit of golf in his free time.

When asked how the couple handles “all the stress and unknowns of NFL life,” Emily said the ordeal has been “a learning process.”

“Personally, it’s been a learning process. But I’ve learned that fitness and self-care play a HUGE role in my happiness and mental health. It also took me a few years to realize it’s okay to say no to things. Oh, and stay off Twitter! Haha,” she posted.

Mayfield has been away from the Browns since demanding a trade from the team after finding out they were pursuing Deshaun Watson and struck out the first time around. After his trade request, the Browns front office improved their trade proposal and promised to give Watson a mega contract to get him to drop his no-trade clause.

The rest is history.

Here is what Emily posted on social media:

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