Baker, Baker, Baker, where will you end up? Baker Mayfield has been the subject of discussion over the last year and nothing has changed. Everyone is wondering where will he play this season?!?

We might have found some answers recently in a post that his wife Emily had:

According to Side Action;

Emily Mayfield recently posted a selfie from a recent road trip. Seahawks insider Corbin K. Smith took to Twitter after a friend told him that the brewery logo on a chair behind them is from Snohomish in the state of Washington.

The Seahawks have remained steadfast that Drew Lock is their QB moving forward, but you have to figure they’re going to do everything possible to help their team out.

Pete Carroll is known for saying one thing and doing another, so who knows what this sighting really means. Time will tell if all roads on the Mayfields impromptu road trip leads to the Seahawks.

Family Drama?


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