Embrace the Fantasy Football Playoff Chaos

Written by Durr

This is by far the worst Fantasy Football Playoffs ever. The Omicron Variant really just screwed everything up and you can make the case that the winner of your league this year can have a big *** depending on what their record was going into the playoffs and how they went up against COVID.

Lockett likely out with Covid, Mayfield was out which affected Browns players, Jarvis Landry, 

Heading into next week, Travis Kelce heads to the COVID IL as well however with new protocols he can return if he feels better and symptom free. Harrison Butker also landed on that list. 

Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and Lenoard Fournette all got injured in the game against the Saints on Sunday night as well which creates even more chaos as well. 

Get Ronald Jones, if you don’t have him already, to plug into the spot of Fournette. With Gio Bernard on the IR, Jones will get a huge majority of snap share and should produce because of that

The best advice is to make sure you have all the handcuffs for your running backs, and maybe even your wide receivers as well. 

Another thing you may have to do to adjust to potential COVID issues is drop players who are boardline starters if they are out. You are in win now mode. Who cares if someone else in the hunt gets that player for the next round because at the end of the day, it is one game at a time.

Survive and Advance. This is going to be a tough couple of weeks, but good luck to all who remain in their league playoffs. We have never seen anything like this chaos.

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