Embrace It! The United States Football League is Coming!

So they’re trying it again. Another freakin’ football league that is not the NFL. As we all know from previous attempts like the XFL or the AAF, they don’t last long.

I’ll give it one season. I’m not giving it a mid-season hiatus like the XFL part 2, but I don’t think we have more than one season. Just look at the trends!

First of all, their plan is to have the eight teams in the league play at one location. Where is that going to be? So, you’re telling me that they are sharing everything? Not good for developing a fan base.

The plus side about this is that it gives athletes an opportunity to showcase their talents in hopes of getting an NFL shot, but that’s about it. If the league doesnt last, that’s already out the window.

I’ll definitely watch at first, but at the end of the day, this will bust. At least it’s more football though.

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