EMBRACE DEBATE: Is Soulja Boy Why People Wear BAPE?

Written by austenlange

As we all know Soulja Boy is a guy who loves having his name in the mouths of others. He essentially claims he’s the reason why 99.999% of the world does what it does. However Soulja Boy might have hit this one right on the head.

I gotta give credit where credit is due and I legit think Soulja Boy was one of the first if not the first person to even mention BAPE in his song “Crank Dat”. Nobody was even touching this song back in the day it was certified gold and even became a dance sensation before the Tik Tok era. Crazy, I know. So let’s think about this logically, the year is 2007 you and your friends are in the back of your mom’s minivan leaving baseball practice and you hear “I bought me some BAPE today”. First of all, tremendous bar, and if you are like me this was one of your first experiences in the world of “street fashion”. Now me being curious me decided to take to the streets on the internet to see what exactly my new favorite rapper was referencing. I then found a website clattered with very bright colored clothing and shoes that even to this day I don’t think I’d be willing to spend the cash on.

I mean look at these things. They resemble something close to a Japanese popsicle wrapper. Just clattered in bright colors and just don’t do it for me. Flash forward to 2021, Soulja is still fighting in the mean streets of twitter and is letting anyone and everyone know that he is the undisputed reason why BAPE blew up. Soulja Boy is someone that you cannot ever forget and that’s simply because of the fact that he won’t let anyone forget about him. Can we say in certainty that he’s the reason BAPE blew up? I can’t be sure about that, but all I know is, that mother fucker made an anthem for my childhood and if he wants me to believe what he says I’ll allow it.

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