Elvis Presley is currently being compared to rapper and raper R.Kelly right now and we all know that can’t be a good thing.

A video going viral on Facebook shows Elvis dancing with a very young girl and it’s pretty creepy – especially the things he was singing in the video.

Book author Joel Williamson has said Elvis kept a group of three 14-year-old girls with him on tour who were up “for pillow fights, tickling, kissing and cuddling”, reports vice.com.

In “Elvis Presley: A Southern Life”, Williamson also alleges that he cheated on his 15-year-old girlfriend Dixie Locke when he was 19, before ringing her desperately as he drove to the hospital when the condom broke, reports dailymail.co.uk.

Now this is all a little much for The King of Rock and Roll.

People are saying look at how they did Michael Jackson and the complete opposite to Elvis:


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