Ello Vizion’s Debut Album ‘Conflicted’ Is Out Now!

If you are looking for a new artist and music to listen look, no further than Ello Vizion. He truly is a unique artist who does not conform to any genre of music.

Ello is not a rapper, rockstar, pop-artist or anything like that. He is just an artist at the end of the day that makes great music. In this new album he has rap, rock, pop, sad boy music and so much more. There is really something for everybody on this album!

Conflicted‘ is extremely well produced with many good beats and instrumentals. It does not have any over produced ‘trap’ beats and does not sound like anything you have heard of before. This album is extremely relatable, with songs about love, relationships, finding yourself, and heartbreak. All these songs are very meaningful and you feel the emotion that Ello puts into every verse in every song he has on here.

A great thing about this album is that there is no ‘genre’ to it and you can go from rock to rap to pop and everything in between. The true test for an artist and musician these days is to see how diverse they are. It becomes watered down when you have these artists who only stick to one genre of music.

Ello held an album release party for ‘Conflicted‘ where he played every song on the album with many of the other artists that feature on this project. You have to give it a listen! Make sure you stream this album which is available on all platforms!

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