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Ellie Schnitt Leaves Barstool Sports – @Holy_Schnitt

Written by TrevStone

Ellie Schnitt has announced over Twitter on Tuesday that she has in fact left the popular media company, Barstool Sports.

Reddit users noticed that Schnitt who has over 560,000 Twitter followers removed Barstool Sports from her bio and unfollowed majority of the companies higher ups/employees over two weeks ago.

I, personally, always enjoyed Ellie’s content! She was different than majority of everyone else at Barstool. Plus her voice is unlike anyone else at Barstool, she could take the music route along with content now that she’s out of Barstool.

Recently Ellie was under fire over comments of her “supporting the burning of buildings” during riots. Kirk Minihane really ran with the topic and tried to paint Ellie as an idiot. I don’t know if that has any reason to do with her leaving, but social media also believe’s that might be why.

One Reddit user wrote:

“I really like schnitt talk, idk the terms of Ellie’s contract but I definitely could see ellie having trouble with Dave’s political views. She’s pretty progressive from what it seems, and between dave and some of the other barstool guys saying shit + some POC employee(s) leaving I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s going on behind the scenes. She did say she was taking a break from Twitter though for mental health reasons, so I wouldn’t expect to find clues there tbh

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Another user wrote:

“i’ve always kind of thought of schnitt talk as a way more realistic and like grounded call her daddy. call her daddy has definitely always been more for entertainment for me than actual advice, not that i don’t love when alex actually gets personal, but i could 100% see sofia and ellie doing a show together. unlike every other barstool pod that talked about the issue, ellie kept it super unbiased and didn’t really throw shade at sofia like every one else did. i think sofia did some shady shit, but i’d be lying if i said i wouldn’t listen to her podcast if she started doing schnitt talk”

Another user commented on that post saying:

If Ellie leaves barstool, especially after how shitty Alex has been, I’m gonna be done with everything except cito. I would be so much more disappointed about Ellie leaving that CHD.

Needless to say some people are upset to see Ellie leave, but wish her nothing but the best!

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Ellie posted this to Twitter:

“As I’m sure you noticed, I haven’t been on twitter in the past two months and I wanted to share why that is. I have made the decision to leave Barstool Sports. I am proud of the work I did and graceful to the co-workers who helped me grow over the last 2 years but now I’m ready for a new challenge. Thank you so much to everyone who listened to Schnitt Talk, and specifically thank you to Alanna for all the work you did to make the show a fun success. I promise I will NEVER leave twitter again!!! Love you all and happy to be back!”

It will be very interesting to see what Ellie is going to do now content wise. She’s always done awesome on Twitter can’t wait to watch!

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